Best Cheapest Place to Buy PS4 in Australia 2021

Best Cheapest Place To Buy PS4 In Australia 2021

With PS5 or PS Now now on store, people start to confuse whether to raid for PS4 or invest in PS5. But, it also caused a cheaper price for PS4 and its game. But, don’t worry because you are still able to find it in your local store. Gamers start to dig in where the cheapest place to buy PS4 in Australia.

Since we are still stuck in a pandemic and stay-at-home advice still echoing, people tend to buy console games. PS4 is one of the favorites because it has collections of fantastic game suits to spend time in a stay at home period. And, it’s not really that hard to find the cheapest place to buy PS4 in Australia.

PS4 Still in High Demand, Uncertain Stock In and Out

Cheapest Place To Buy PS4 Games In Australia  2021

Actually, demand for Playstation 4 has been rising since April 2020 when the coronavirus outbreak started to force countries to implement lockdown. This leads to people spending more time at home and needs fun activities to spend it. So, a console game like PS4 is the best option. People who apparently don’t have one start to buy it.

The emergence of PS5 leads to an interesting condition. PS4 tends to become cheaper and people hunt it more. With PS5 starting to sell out everywhere, people are turning to PS4 which is still very much reasonable to buy. If you are gamers who don’t fuss about the latest and trendiest console, then PS4 is the best choice. Also, it is still reasonably affordable.

Moreover, since PS5 is now available in the store, there will be no PS4 anymore. Sony is said to stop the production of PS4. Although, there is no official announcement yet regarding this matter. Luckily, it means a discount and the best deals for PS4 are available everywhere.

But, this also leads to supply and stock scarce in some stores. You may find it sold out in your local store. If it were available, then you can only shop it online at an unbelievable shipping price. So, if you are lucky enough to find it in-store, just buy it before it runs out.

PS4 is available in two types, standalone PS4, PS4 Slim, and also PS4 Pro. All of them offer you a distinct gaming sensation that might lift your spirit. It is important for us to do something fun in this time of crisis. While you cannot or hardly go outside, you can play your favorite game in your spare time at home.

Best Deals PS4 Australia in 2021

PS4 bundles are the best deals for PS4 now available in Australia. This purchase will allow you to get a console plus some extra controller and also games. Apparently, this deal offers the best value for your pocket. Discounts are also available for you if you know where the cheapest place to buy PS4 Australia.

As a starter, the best deal for PS4 is that it offers a vast catalog of favorite games such as Spider-Man and FIFA 21 in HDR support. If your interest is in the gaming part, then this deal is suitable for you. What makes it better is various streaming services via apps. This allows you to catch-up on endless entertainment and TV.

Another deal for PS4 pro in Australia is that you can get a more complete version of Sony’s PS4. It has 4K HDR gaming plus content from Netflix and YouTube also in 4K. Furthermore, it spoils you with tons of title choices from Sony’s epic catalog. What a great deal isn’t, it?

Now, where to buy this amazing affordable console? Surely you have to find the cheapest place to buy PS4 Australia. You also have to move fast in order to get it because everyone is in the same interest right now. As mentioned before, that stock is scarce in some Australian retailers.

Here is what we have for you, the cheapest place to buy PS4 Australia of the best retailers:

cheapest place to buy PS4 in Australia

1. JB Hi-Fi

cheapest place to buy PS4 in Australia

JB Hi-Fi is an Australian retailer of consumer goods such as computers, gaming, home appliances, smartphone, and audio. This retailer had spread the net all over Australia and New Zealand. It is considered as the largest retail network based on store numbers. Most of them are spreading all over New South Wales with more than 20 stores.

JB Hi-Fi is a one-stop shopping store for gaming and computers. It sells hardware, console, games, audio, gaming PC, and various products of monitors and projectors. Here, you will find very interesting deals on PS4. This store offers PS4 console bundles consisting of the standalone console, games, plus extra accessories.

This store has a complete collection of PS4 such as consoles, various games collection, PlayStation VR, PlayStation accessories, and also storages. All of this comes at a great price that will not break you. If you are looking for PS4 Pro, then it is also part of this store collection.

Remember that PS4 may be out of stock in this store as well due to high demand. But, you can always talk to the store manager of store staff to keep you posted when the stuff arrives. Or, you can check on it periodically by phone or email. The best thing about shopping in this store is that you will get very tempting prices and offers.

2. EB Games

cheapest place to buy PS4 in Australia

The next Australian retailer you can call the cheapest place to buy PS4 Australia is EB Games. It’s a gaming and entertainment chain of stores famously known for selling consoles, accessories, and video games. Their product is suitable for Playstation, Nintendo switch, PC, and also Xbox. The store is spread

Famously known for its great service and helpful polite staff, EB Games has a complete stock of gaming consoles and accessories. More interestingly, this store sells not only new games but also pre-owned in a good condition. So, if you have a limited budget for a new one, then you can try to buy pre-owned games.

EB Games is probably the best place if you are craving for the cheapest place to buy PS4 Australia. It has a various selection of games at a very affordable price. Most importantly, you can buy a PS4 console here because it always seems in stock. You can also buy PS4 storage in this store if you need it.

As mentioned before, you can also find plenty of pre-owned consoles, storage, and even accessories. All of them are in good condition and on budget. The service is surprisingly satisfying. It offers you delivery service as well as collect. EB Games is a must-visit retailer in Australia.

3. The Gamesman

Another bestie for the cheapest place to buy PS4 Australia is still from New South Wales, The Gamesman. It is located at 491 Forest Rd, Penshurst NSW 2222, and offers deals you can’t resist. Also, this store is one of the last independent gaming stores in Australia. Even, it has a Retro Video Game Museum, a mini-museum inside the store. So, it’s kind of historical.

You can get up to a 40% discount on the new PS4 Slim 500GB Console. Where else you can find a deal like this? This item is available in-store and online. Additionally, you can also get tempting bundle deals to consist of PS4 Slim 500GB and Spider-Man bundle.

The Gamesman gives you a 19% discount on this bundle offer. Not only for consoles, but gamers from Australia can also easily find the most anticipated games such as Elden Ring, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Outrider, up to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake (with pre-order bonus DLC).

A 12% discount was offered for all pre-order anticipated games. While for bestseller games like FIFA 21, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Rugby League Live 4, and many more, it offers you a 36% discount. You must visit and shop in this store because you can save more money here. Hitman 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are even available right now.

4. CeX

This is actually a second-hand goods chain originally based in the UK. Specializing in gaming, computing, technology, and also tech repair, CeX has around 23 stores in Australia alone. So, if you are focusing on buying a second-hand PS4, this is the place. You can say that this is the cheapest place to buy PS4 in Australia, second hand of course.

The CeX collection of the console is varied. From PS4 slim 500GB, PS4 1TB, to PS4 Pro. It also has a wide range of selection of accessories and games. The next best thing about this place is that you can sell your console as well. For example, if you have a PS4 and you are ready for the newest edition, then you can sell your old console here. They will give you the best price.

CeX chain of the store is spread all over New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, and also in Queensland. But, you can find around 16 stores in New South Wales alone spreading from Bankstown to Wollongong. Since it’s a second-hand retailer, you might find some games were on sale without DLC. But, it doesn’t matter as long as you get your desirable gaming console.

Missing PS4 in Store, Get It Online

Since it’s in high demand, you may find it out of stock in some retailers. Even if you can get it in-store it ended up with a waiting list. So, the second opinion is to buy it online. There is some online store you can visit for PS4 in Australia.

They also offer you some interesting deals and discounts for both new and second-hand consoles. Here is some online store in Australia where you can buy PS4 at a cheaper price:

1. Amazon Australia

The tendency to stay at home during pandemic situations leads to an increase in online shopping. It also happens for a gaming console. And if you are in a quest for PS4 but prefer to stay safe at home, you can try to buy it from Amazon Australia. Luckily, PS4 stock in this online shop seems to be steady.

You can find plenty of bundles, deals, offerings, and discounts on consoles, games, and accessories. It also has a collection of PS4 storage at various prices depending on the condition or completeness. Actually, Amazon Australia also has its own store. But, most people choose to buy from its online store. You can pay your purchase by credit card, PayPal, and the rest of the payment methods.

But, you must be a little bit thorough when you buy a second-hand console bundle. Make sure you read all the descriptions. If you must, don’t hesitate to contact the seller before making a purchase. It is important because you cannot do live checking for any console you buy. Just do it for your convenience.

2. Sony Online Store

If you are looking for a guaranteed, original, and standard priced product, Sony Online Store is your place. Sure, you cannot expect a drop-down price here but at least you get a reasonable price. You will not find a jacked-up price like you may find in any other retailers or dealers. The best thing is this online store has both the PS4 Pro model and PS4 slim.

Sony online stores may not give you a cheaper price but it will give you cash back, bonus gifts, and also free shipping offers. This is the best thing you can get from an online store with original and qualified products.

So, if you feel worried about getting out, then you can simply shop it online from Sony Online Store. But, you can always visit its physical store at any time. It has three stores in NSW alone.

3. MWave

MWave is the next online retailer in Australia specialized in computers, gaming consoles, and also software. You may get an interesting price here for games and accessories. The service this online store has is delivery all over the country and also order pickup and showroom. 24-hour customer service is ready to help you if you have any questions.

With the Coronavirus pandemic still happening, it seems that you will still spend most of your time at home. It is likely that gamers will spend more time with their console. While others who don’t have one start to buy it. So, now you know the cheapest place to buy PS4 Australia, wait no more to go get it. PS4 is more the best entertainment you can get during the pandemic time. Happy gaming, Fellas.

4. GDGames

Last but not least, another best online video game store Australia you can buy gaming stuff in this pandemic period is and Duo Games. Here you will find many kinds of your favourite games such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and many more.

Special for PS4, there are various interesting prices you can choose. Not only the price, here you may also buy your needs as comfort as you buy them on the offline store. Because this online store lets you choose the item according to the rating or genre. These are services that you might not find in another online store.

If you have any problems, there are also customer service that will always be on the line to help you from Monday to Saturday at 9am to 6pm.

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